Web Base Map for Humanitarian

and Lower-Income Countries' Contexts


by Yohan boniface / @infomagicien

by Will Skora @skorasaurus

@wwwolford, @jaakkoh, and sev menard.

OSM: OpenStreetMap The wikipedia of geographic data - anyone can contribute and utilize as they wish (w/ attribution)
Data from imports (TIGER), aerial imagery, local knowledge, and GPS Traces
other geodata non-exist, outdated, or $ .
In crises, map data changed or needs to be mapped
* Display what is relevant * Restyling Highways
Initial POIs hospitals, Govt buildings, schools
Icons from Noun Project | Maki | Custom (CC0)
pretty colors: light and pastel
Styling highways by : surface classification condition (smoothness)
Making web maps was hard
designed w/ love in tilemill and carto
Coded in Carto, can be shared and adapted
in print or digitally.
future: additional icons + classification (intermittent waterways, refugee camps) Vectors ? WMS layer ? * Profit ?
Legend at: http://hotosm.github.io/HDM-CartoCSS